Family rebuilding after fire in Harrison County

A Harrison County family is now without a home and working to rebuild.

A Harrison County family is now without a home and working to rebuild.

Just three days after Christmas, the Blanton family's home caught fire, destroying everything inside.

"By the time I got there, the whole front porch was engulfed in flames,” said Sean Blanton. “The whole back of the house by the laundry home was engulfed in flames."

Mom Nichole and dad Sean ran to the store Thursday afternoon. They got a phone call from the oldest daughter, Charity Rose.

"The fire was really small, and then I went to grab the house phone to call my parents,” Charity Rose said. “Then by the time I got the house phone, it kept getting bigger and bigger, then we all went outside."

Charity Rose was inside with her younger sisters Alexis and Nevaeh when a space heater caught fire, and quickly spread throughout the home, leaving very little behind.

Debris scattered the front yard, with remnants of toys and memories. Baby pictures, birth certificates, clothing and furniture - all gone.

"We lost one of our animals, actually, an adopted dog of her grandmother’s that we had taken in,” Sean said. “We lost him as well. He didn't make it out, but yeah, we lost everything."

The three girls’ Christmas presents were also destroyed in the fire.

Charity Rose’s tumbling mat and Nevaeh’s Monster High things.

"I loved that little thingy where I have the markers and stuff,” Alexis said.

For now, the Blantons are staying with family and friends and getting assistance from the American Red Cross.

While they lost everything, they're thankful to have each other.

"We don't have any plans on going back south, there's just too much family here,” Sean said. “In Atlanta, you wouldn't see this much support. Not to down my hometown, but you just wouldn't see the outpour of support that we would have here."

There is a GoFundMe set up for the family here.

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