Elementary students take part in mock election

They couldn’t always explain why they chose a candidate, but they’re learning about the process. (WTOV)

It's Election Day and eligible voters are flocking to the polls, but what about those who aren't eligible to vote? Instead, they are just learning about the process.

That's the scenario at Buckeye South Elementary School. They held a mock election.

Their biggest decisions usually involve lunch time and recess, but November 8, 2016, the kids at Buckeye South had a big decision: who will be the next President of the United States?

Fourth-grader Kaily Banal said she voted for Hillary Clinton, while third-grader Dallas Farmer and fourth-grader Alex McDiffitt said they voted for Donald Trump.

Some followed their parent's lead.

“My mom, she was going to vote Hillary Clinton today, so I guess I did too,” Banal said.

Others weren’t quite sure why they picked one candidate over the other.

“I don’t know,” Farmer said.

Most of these students won't be able to legally vote until the 2028 election, but that doesn’t mean they don't understand today's significance.

“Because they can pick their president that they want to,” said fourth-grader Lydia Boyd.

“So that you can have a better country," McDiffitt said.

It's an introduction to democracy and an important lesson to learn.

"It's important to vote. It’s our freedom to vote and so I think if you teach that at a young age, then when they get to be 18 and they can vote then they’re more likely to be able to you know, go to the polls with more confidence," said Cindy Schooler, principal.

“It’s great that we have this duty, a civic duty to carry out this responsibility to go and vote and say who we want to be our leader so it’s important for these students to know that,” said Louis Balk, social studies teacher.

After casting their vote in a booth made of card board and a ballot represented by paper and a plastic container, the kids at Buckeye South made their voices heard.

The winner, according to South Elementary, was Trump with 64 percent of the vote.

Hillary Clinton got 31 percent of the vote. The other 5 percent went to other.

Of course, we won't know the real results until later this evening.

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