Early morning accident causes power outage, road closure in Brooke County

Early morning accident causes power outage, road closure in Brooke County.

An early morning accident caused a large power outage in Brooke County on Tuesday.

The call came in at roughly 4:30 a.m., according to officials after a driver, who claims he had just finished a 22-hour work shift, fell asleep at the wheel, hit a telephone pole and drove through a fence before stopping.

This occurred on the 300 block of Bethany Pike. Traffic is being rerouted onto Commerce Street and is blocked off at Route 2.

"About 4:30, I heard a big bang because I was still up watching TV, and the next thing I know, I come out here and I said, ‘I hope they didn't get my fence again, and well… they did," resident Keneth Garretson said.

One of the poles holding up Garretson's fence, which is now laying mangled in his yard, ended up inside the man's truck.

"I thank God it didn't turn up the way and go towards him because he would be dead, probably," Garretson said.

Garretson says speeding is a problem along his road.

Steve Clark, who lives across the street and has witnessed a handful of accidents, agrees.

"They come out of town as soon as they see the straight stretch (boom) hammer down. And I have to walk across the road to get my mail, and a lot of the times -- I have a bad knee and I can't run anymore -- and a lot of the time you gotta hurry and get out of the way because you can hear them coming.”

Clark painted a sign on his shed about 10 years ago concerning speeding along the road, but unfortunately it's not helping.

"They're going too fast to see I,t and you know this pole here right next to my shed, it's so close to the road I'm surprised no one hit that."

Garretson's fence can be replaced, and the damage can be fixed.

Residents are just thankful the man driving the truck is OK.

"I'm just glad that boy didn't get hurt," Garretson said.

"Maybe it's a good thing that this happened,” Clark said. “Thank God that guy didn't get hur;t he said he just came off a 24-hour shift. He was tired and fell asleep so that kinda stuff happens."

An official with Mon Power says 877 people were initially without power, but 100-500 people are still without power.

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