Dome being restored at the Grand Theater in Steubenville

The Steubenville Historic Landmark Foundation is restoring the dome at the Grand Theater.

The Steubenville Historic Landmark Foundation is restoring the dome at the Grand Theater.

That involves making molds of the original panels that date back to 1924. A paint study will also be done to determine the original colors.

Over time, humidity got the best of the dome -- the 'grandest' part of the grand theater -- destroying about a third of it.

But what once was lost, can be recreated.

A company called Evergreene Architectural Arts is making molds of the remaining panels, and duplicating them.

“It's fun to see something come back to life, you just don't see that anymore,” said Terry Jones, field supervisor, Evergreene Architectural Arts. “And for us, that's a thrill because we have a part in it, so it's something we can take away from here.”

At some point, someone painted the whole thing brown, but a paint study will be done to determine the original colors, and as you can see it once had gold leaf.

“When you really think about what went into putting together an ornate ceiling like this, it needs to be brought back to what it was. Because when you walk in here to see something when we're finally done, I want people to go ‘wow, I want that,’” said Scott Dressel, president, Steubenville Historic Landmarks Foundation.

The Steubenville Historic Landmarks Foundation that is behind the restoration has secured $225,000 to fix the dome. And they're hoping that covers it.

A state and JB Green Team grant are paying for the dome restoration.

Once the dome is finished, they'll focus on restoring other parts of the theater.

It will be years before it's back in the spotlight, but that doesn't discourage those who can see the beauty and potential in this plaster.

“I've basically decided to dedicate the rest of my life to it, so hopefully, I'll live a long time, and I'll get it done," Dressel said.

The estimated cost to finish the theater is $4 million.

You can help by volunteering or donating. Here’s how:

Donate on Facebook.

Donate Online.

Or mail check to: Grand theater

121 S. 4th Street, Steubenville, OH 43952

(check made out to grand theater)

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