DiFabrizio re-elected as Bellaire’s mayor


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Vince DiFabrizio has won re-election as Mayor of Bellaire.

DiFabrizio took two-thirds of the vote against challenger Dan Brown (421-214).

"I want to thank everyone out there that voted for me. I appreciate it," DiFabrizio said.

It’s a service he certainly wanted to continue.

“It's not about the money,” DiFabrizio said. “You don't make no money doing this at all. It's all about helping people. Helping each other out and helping others is the main goal."

It’s DiFabrizio’s fourth term.

Also in the Martins Ferry School Board voting, there were five candidates for three spots. Brian McFarland (29.8 percent), Bill Suto (19.96 percent) and Scott Ballint (19.68 percent).

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