Deer jumps into windshield, causes accident along State Route 43 in Jefferson County

The crash was caused by a deer jumping into the road, and going through a tanker truck’s windshield.

An early morning crash in Jefferson County sent two people to the hospital.

It’s an accident that is highlighting a bigger issue drivers deal with every year.

The crash was caused by a deer jumping into the road, and going through a vehicle's windshield.

The call came in to the Ohio State Highway Patrol around 6:30 a.m.

A water tanker was going northbound on State Route 43 in between Richmond and East Springfield.

Officials say a deer ran from the side of the road along an embankment and ended up in the windshield, injuring the passenger first and then the driver.

Officials say from October to December, deer activity drastically increases and so should your awareness.

“The bucks are already running hot,” said Trooper Eric Derrington of the OSHP. “The main thing you want to look for is that time of the morning, when this happened, dawn, pre-dawn, and dusk is mainly when they're running, this is the mating season, and that's when they're really active.”

Officials explain that hitting the deer is oftentimes the best option for drivers -- and that swerving to avoid a deer can potentially cause more injuries or more damage.

Drivers are advised to maintain the same direction and brake quickly to minimize the speed at impact.

As for those involved in the accident, both the driver and the passenger were stabilized at the scene and then taken to area hospitals.

U.S. 22/Ohio 7 accident

Drivers were stuck in traffic on Ohio 7 and U.S. 22 north of Steubenville.

Traffic backed up to State Route 213 from a three-vehicle accident at the entrance to the Veterans Memorial Bridge.

OHSP reported there were no injuries

Traffic returned to normal after about 8:30 a.m.

Lovers Lane

Also, a driver lost control of their car on Lovers Lane in Steubenville near the roundabout.

The car traveled over the side walk and across the front lawn of St Stephen's Episcopal Church before slamming into the church.

The car hit so hard, it shifted the bricks near the entrance to the church.

One person was transported to the hospital with what are believed to be minor injuries

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