Crews contain brush fire in Fulton area of Wheeling

Crews are on scene at a hillside brush fire along Wagner Street in Wheeling, just off National Road in the Fulton area.

The fire started at about 4:15 p.m. Friday. Fire officials said the fire started at the bottom of the hill, and spread upwards.

The American Red Cross is on scene delivering water to first responders.

A house near the fire was not damaged. Crews are working to keep the fire from reaching the North Park area.

“My neighbor called me and said, ‘there is a firetruck in front of your house.’ I came home and thought something was wrong with my house,” said resident and retired fireman Edward Nowakowski. “The whole hillside was on fire from the middle here, all the way up to the top"

“18 seconds total, it's very difficult because the water supply is down here, so naturally we have to drag hose... to put the fire out,” said Wheeling Assistant Fire Chief Tony Campbell.

The Wheeling Fire Chief said the fire is under control but firefighters are still working on hot spots. The cause is under investigation.

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