Council increasing fines for nuisance violations


Weirton city council unanimously approved an ordinance to increase one of it fines.

Any resident with a nuisance violation for the condition of their property will now be fined a minimum of $100.

The previous minimum was $50, but city council wanted to make the increase to let residents know that they are taking these matters seriously.

Some of the issues they are trying to curb are overgrown lawns and scattered debris.

“We don't have a huge problem with that, but we have a problem,” said City Manager Travis Blosser. “Every community's got it. And I think this goal through the ordinance is to work to combat it and to show that the city is going to fine you if you're not taking care of these nuisance violation issues that are real simple. It's called get your lawn mower out and go cut the grass."

The ordinance will take effect January 1 of 2018.

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