Constituents hear from Rep. Cera at town hall


State Representative Jack Cera (D-Bellaire) visited Martins Ferry for a town hall.

During the meeting, he answered questions from the public and updated them on what is going on at the state level.

Cera held his yearly Martins Ferry town hall at the Elks Club on North Fourth Street. There, he found residents curious about what is next for not only their area, but the state of Ohio.

“I think people are concerned about where the state of Ohio is going, the direction it's going,” Cera said. “The fact that we're not creating good, paying jobs for them so they can raise their families. These are things they should be concerned about."

Cera has been working on and pushing numerous pieces of legislation, including a bill that gives a portion of severance taxes from oil and gas drilling back to the impacted cities and a resolution for coal miners to ensure they are given pensions.

“Jack's been an outstanding person for this area in his fight to get things balanced in the budget as far as areas go,” Mayor Robert Krajnyak said. “Everything's been taken away from us and we're trying to get that changed. He's been helping us around the way."

Krajnyak says it's beneficial to be involved in your city and state operations.

“We try to encourage everybody to get involved and we've made announcements like that at council meetings,” Krajnyak said. “Stay informed with our state issues. Everything that happens at the state level affects us somehow.”

Cera said he wishes for politicians and residents to not argue about politics, but instead the issues that are affecting Ohio's cities and small towns.

“These are things that are throughout our part of the state that hopefully sooner or later we can get down to dealing with real issues that affect people and affect their lives on a daily basis."

Cera says work will continue to be done on the state budget. That will need to be turned in by the end of June.

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