Concrete slab falls from Wheeling Island Stadium


A large portion of concrete fell as workers attempted to remove a different concrete panel from Wheeling Island Stadium on Monday afternoon.

No one was injured as the large slab fell. It damaged only a part of a fence below.

The work was being done after a structural flaw was noticed at the stadium last Friday. A large concrete panel had moved and become unsafe. Officials aren’t sure what caused the movement. The roadways surrounding the stadium were closed.

They’re telling people to stay away from the area, and pay attention to the police tape.

"In fear of the possibility another panel falls down, we need to take time to have an engineer take a look at it and figure out how to repair and correct it and any other issues,” Ohio County Schools Superintendent Kim Miller said.

They'd hoped to have work done over the weekend, but with the holiday-- and bigger problems discovered-- a crew started removing and evaluating the issue Monday.

“We don't know a number right now,” Miller said. “We are not sure what the problem was or is, but we determine all of that we will come up with a cost."

There say there is no word on when the stadium-- and roads surrounding it—will reopen.

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