Community members support students over "Trump Perry" sign


Emotions ran high in Wellsburg Saturday evening,

as members of the Brooke County community gathered to discuss a sign that has received a lot of attention.

The sign at the fore front of this debate is the "Trump Perry" sign

Brooke High School students displayed at a recent football game.

Following that game, members of the Perry Academy school district claimed the sign was racially insensitive, which was met by an apology from Brooke County Schools superintendent Toni Paesano Shute.

Members of the Brooke County community feel that the apology was unnecessary,

claiming that there was nothing wrong with the sign, and that there was no ill-intent.

Many of those sharing those beliefs gathered at the Moose lodge in Wellsburg to show support for the students, who they claim were "thrown under the bus," in that apology.

One man attending the meeting said, “…apologizing on our behalf, on our kid’s behalf, on our county's behalf is unbelievable."

A student at Brooke High School said the sign was never meant to offend anybody

“Whenever the sign was made that said ‘Trump Perry,’ I can assure you that there was no intention that it would be taken that way."

A woman in the crowd responded to the Brooke student, saying, “I would like to say, on behalf of everybody here, you didn't do anything wrong. No apology was necessary."

Another woman in attendance said she was harassed for wearing a Brooke Bruin t-shirt following the incident.

“Comments will be made, and I thank god that day my kids weren't there to hear what was said to me, it was belligerent," she said.

News9 did contact superintendent Shute, who chose not to comment at this time. If you would like to read the statement she released earlier in the week, click here.

Community members at Saturday’s meeting tell News9 they plan on attending the next board of education meeting to address their concerns over the issue.

As always stay with News9 as we continue to cover both sides of this story.

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