Community members discuss relationship between city officials and landlords

landlord meeting.PNG

Community members came together in Steubenville to discuss a partnership between city officials and local landlords.

Councilwoman at Large, Kimberly Hahn invited landlords from the Labelle neighborhood to join city officials at her home.

Officials wanted to hear concerns about the neighborhood and clarify the city's expectations for landlords.

Hahn hopes to develop a stronger partnership between landlords and the city.

"Sometimes people feel like the landlords are opposed by the city officials, sometimes the city officials hold landlords at arm’s length and treat them as if they're second class businesses,” said Hahn. “So we're trying to begin a new conversation and really build trust between city officials and landlords to see how we can collaborate.”

Hahn hopes to bring the suggestions discussed Thursday night back to city council to see how they can branch out to more landlords throughout the city.

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