Community addresses concerns following proposed city service fee


One of the big items New Martinsville Finance Committee Members are discussing is instituting a city service fee, that would now include all employees, not just non-residents. However, the community is fighting this.

“We are just afraid that it will start limiting the number of folks who may want to work here."

Sharon Thomas represents the Wetzel County Chamber of Commerce. She's one of many who addressed the finance committee with questions and concerns regarding the proposed city service fee.

It would charge anyone who works in New Martinsville $1.75 per week, with a waiver available for multiple members of a household.

“Everybody hates extra fees on their checks and things and even though it's $1.75 a week it adds up," said Thomas.

Many in attendance agreed.

The committee says the city service fee could be used to pave streets and for public safety. They are in need of generating more revenue to make improvements.

Councilman Steve Pallisco says besides the city service fee, they are looking for other ideas to generate revenue. He believes instituting a 1% sales tax would provide the money they need, but without home rule, the city relies on the state.

“I know everybody hates increases but it would be across the board then it wouldn't just target certain people or the workforce," said Thomas.

The city is scheduling a workshop for next week.

There will be no public comment as they continue their discussion.

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