Commissioner seat sought by three

A Republican, Democrat and Independent all want to be a Hancock County commissioner. (WTOV)

Three candidates, one job. We’re sitting down with the candidates for Hancock County commissioner: Democrat, Paul Rex Cowey III, Republican Gregory Baldt and Independent John Crow.

“It just seems that everyone is so entrenched that there is no room for give and take and I think if Hancock County is going to be at its best, then everybody needs to work together. I think I can heal those divisions,” Crow said.

“Hancock County is not only affected by local issues but state, national and international events and we have to take that into consideration when we make any decision,” Baldt said.

“I feel that I have a hand on both the north and south end. I feel that I can help so that nobody gets left out," Cowey said.

Each candidate can bring a variety of experience to the position and they all have very different ideas about how to move the county forward.

“I think it's really important that I want to create a business-friendly so we can bring ---- keep our future generations here also," Cowey said.

“We are at a unique position where we have fracking. Gas and oil will be the next thing that will affect our lives. Unless we control it, it will control us with catastrophic results," Baldt said.

“Everybody talks about jobs, jobs, jobs but nothing ever happens. I am an out of the box thinker. And so I have some ideas that haven't been tried before that may work for us," Crow said.

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