Coffland takes over as Harrison County Commission Board President

Paul Coffland has taken over for Dale Norris as the board commission president in Harrison County.

The focus of the first Harrison County Commissioners’ meeting of the new year was re-organization.

Some boards and individual positions saw some change, but the majority of positions will remain the same to keep continuity.

Arguably the biggest change saw Paul Coffland take over for Dale Norris as the board commission president.

"we share the responsibilities from year to year. There are some additional duties that come with being the president of the board, but more often than not, you do have a little bit of leeway, a little bit of opportunity to shape the direction the direction the board goes in,” Coffland said. “I think all three commissioners right now are pretty much on the same page. We're looking to again continue to grow Harrison County -- revise and rebuild our infrastructure and continue to move the county forward. "

Don Bethel will serve as the commissioner's vice president.

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