City of Weirton bringing back Christmas tradition


An old tradition is coming back to life in Weirton after over 20 years of absence.

November 18th will celebrate the second annual lighting of the Weirton Community Christmas Tree. This will be a revival of a decades old community ceremony.

This year they are adding a new tradition as well-- the first in a series of commemorative ornaments that the city will be creating every year moving forward.

This year’s collectable ornament honors the ancestry of those who created the city of Weirton 70 years ago, as of this year.

“We brought the tree back because a lot of people my age remember it from when we were young kids and we went to the North End," Mayor Harold Miller said. “The old Main Street was the hub of the activity in the 40s and early 50s so that was the tradition and we brought it back."

This ceremony will be taking place at the intersection of Main Street and Pennsylvania Avenue.

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