City of Benwood donates check to local recovery center

The city donated $1,000 to The Unity Center, with Ohio Valley Recovery Inc.

The City of Benwood is getting involved to help those struggling with addiction.

The city donated $1,000 to Ohio Valley Recovery Inc. - The Unity Center.

The center has been in Benwood for two months, and it offers different support groups for addicts.

More than 450 people come through the doors on a weekly basis to connect with others going through the same thing they are.

"I was here the first of February when they had the dedication, and I was listening to some of the speakers who are recovering and they said how important this facility was,” said Benwood Mayor Ed Kuca.

"The support from the city is just helping us advance our mission,” said Unity Center Executive Director Mary Hess. “We're going to be able to help make these spaces more comfortable for the people who are coming here."

"Incarceration is not always the answer,” said Benwood Police Chief Frank Longwell. “Treatment and recovery is part of that process to fight the drug abuse we've seen in the Ohio Valley. Programs like this, we've heard successful stories. "

Members of Gold, Khourey and Turak were also there for the check presentation.

The group helped The Unity Center and in fighting addiction in the area.

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