Children’s Hunger Alliance rallies to make a difference

Jennifer Black was recognized for her work by the Children's Hunger Alliance.

It's a fight that can't be won alone. Children's Hunger Alliance is rallying our community to help fill empty stomachs.

No child in Ohio should go hungry, but they do. On Tuesday morning, the Children's Hunger Alliance hosted a community breakfast with leaders from Jefferson, Harrison, Belmont, Columbiana and Carroll counties.

The organization advocates and sponsors feeding programs for kids in Ohio.

“We're doing work that is making a difference every day in the lives of those children, and we're just looking for people in this area of the country that feel the same passion to help the children in their communities and are willing to get involved and feed those children,” said Judy Mobley, interim CEO of Children’s Hunger Alliance.

WTOV9 has been a partner in that effort, producing news stories and public service announcements about local programs. For that work, a certificate of appreciation was awarded to General Manager Tim McCoy, News Director Don Sloan, anchor Jennifer Black and WTOV.

“It's our pleasure to help build our community to make our community a better place each and every day,” McCoy said.

And Children's Hunger Alliance is leading the way by providing resources for schools and other groups, each doing their part to end hunger.

“They're very supportive and I also feel that one of the strengths is they understand that schools are not a one size fits all approach,” said Chuck Kokiko, Jefferson County Education Service Center Superintendent.

NEWS9’s own Bill Phillips served as emcee and called for the change so many kids desperately need.

“In Jefferson County, 26 percent of the kids are not sure where the next meals is coming from,” Phillips said. “That's a big number. That's a huge number. That's a number we can correct.”

“Everybody needs to step up and do their part and we thank anyone that's willing to do that and we're happy to work with them,” Mobley said.

The Children's Hunger Alliance is seeking groups to run summer sites so kids don't go hungry once school lets out.

To get involved, call (800) 227-6446 or go to

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