Children taken from ‘unlivable’ home in Steubenville

Children taken from ‘unlivable’ home in Steubenville

Two children have been removed from a Steubenville home that was allegedly in deplorable condition.

Authorities from Jefferson and Cuyahoga counties swarmed the home in the 300 block of Summit Avenue around 1 p.m. on Thursday

The unidentified parents or guardians of the two children that were removed failed to show up in court recently. A search of the home determined it to be unlivable for children.

"Well, right now the children -- two of them, ages 2 and 3 -- are going to be removed from here and placed with their grandmother," Jefferson County Sheriff Fred Abdalla said.

Several occupants were talking with authorities, and it's not clear if the parents or guardians were present, or if they own or rent the property.

"They were supposed to appear in court in Cleveland a couple months ago and they failed to do so, so they could be held in contempt (of court),” Abdalla said.

The sheriff called the conditions in the home deplorable.

"Right now there's dog feces, cat feces,” he said. “No food in the refrigerator to amount to anything."

Cleveland Children Services is involved now. The children's grandmother will have interim custody, but they will eventually be turned over to Jefferson County Children and Youth Services.

Abdalla said his department acted quickly despite multiple agencies being involved.

“Now is not the time for a bunch of red tape,” he said. “I don't want to hear about a bunch of red tape -- we gotta do this, we got to do that. The only thing we got to do is get these kids out of this house and some place that's liveable, and then we'll worry about whatever has to be done tomorrow."

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