Check presentation comes just in time for the holidays

FOLLANSBEE, WV-- Christmas in the park is long over, but the money raised will help those in need for months to come.

"Today is what we work so hard for," said organizer Kathy Santoro. "Tonight is the night all of their labors pay off."

A night of giving in Follansbee, as three recipients were given money that was all raised back in October during Christmas in the park.

"I cry it's an emotional time because each year it is something different," said Santoro.

This year, two organizations, Reach and Andersons Children's Home, and one individual were given the red envelops filled with checks each totaling over $2,000.

"It's a blessing every year they consider us as part of their charity," said Karen Hager.

"Small towns you can't mess with that," said Eberle Lazear. "The help they have given over the years, it is very appreciated."

The boy chosen to receive the money this year is third grader James, who has type one diabetes. His mother has lived in Follansbee her whole life and tonight she was reminded of how much she loves her community.

"Anything helps with his type one diabetes and there's a lot of expenses," said Siudak.

Organizers say while there is a whole list of people to thank, there is one man who can not be forgotten.

"I also want to thank Santa because what other place has Santa come in October?" said Santoro.

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