Business pitch contest: $6k at stake


Business owners and entrepreneurs in Brooke and Hancock counties are being asked to submit their pitch proposals for some free investment money. The business pitch contest held by the Brooke County Economic Development Authority is hoping to spur business prospects in the region by helping grow existing businesses, or to start new ones.

"Whether it be for needs of the business, to incorporate the business--attorney fees, any lease or rents they might incur--or mortgages," said Wellsburg Chamber President and BCEDA member David Klick.

For the third year in a row, the group is offering rewards in hopes it will accomplish what it did for the program's first-year winner, The Sugar Shack: providing sweet relief for capital investment.

"The family-owned maple syrup company expanded their business and put a commercial-grade kitchen on their farm," Klick said, "and they continue to grow and do greats things out of Wellsburg."

As of Thursday, the group has four official applicants and eight interested parties.

"We're looking to get to five or six," Klick said.

For an application email

The deadline for pitch submissions is Sept. 27th. The winners will be announced at a presentation at Brooke Hills Park the following Thursday on Oct. 4th from 6-9 p.m.

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