Brooke County is ‘open for business’

Brooke County Commissioner Jim Andreozzi: "We're open for business.”

Thursday’s announcement of a potential natural-gas plant moving into Brooke County via a deal brokered by the West Virginia Department of commerce and China Energy Investment was certainly a good one for the county.

But what does it mean for the proposed power plant in Colliers?

West Virginia Secretary of Commerce Woody Thrasher said that a portion of the $83 billion would go to a proposed power plant in Brooke County.

As of now, the only proposal for a power plant is one submitted by ESC Brooke County Power.

We reached out to members of their public relations team for clarification on the investment by China Energy. While there is no contract at the moment, they do confirm that they are in contact with China Energy.

Despite nothing being set in stone, local officials are encouraged by Thrasher's statement that an investment would be made in Brooke County.

“We're open for business,” Brooke County Commissioner Jim Andreozzi said. “I know that's cliché, but Brooke County, we've been ready for this, and we've been hoping for this, and we need to capitalize on it now."

Meanwhile, U.S. Senators Shelly Moore-Capito and Joe Manchin announced that more than $2 million in funding from the U.S.D.A. will be going to New Cumberland.

The city will receive $1.7 million in loan funding and more than $650,000 in grant funding. The money will be going toward infrastructure improvements and help local leaders better serve their communities and improve the lives of residents.

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