Bridgeport High School says farewell to the grandstands


The Bridgeport High School Alumni Association hosted a "Farewell to the Grandstands" event this morning inviting all alumni to come back for the day and visit the stadium before it is torn down.

The band and the alumni played some songs for the event.

The stadium was built in 1919 and this football season would have been their 100th year playing on the field.

Due to flooding and the grandstands taking on water six times this year alone the structure was deemed unsafe and will soon come down.

Alumni say it is sad, but they know it is for the best moving forward.

“It saddens me, I was a cheerleader I was in the band, a Bridgette and as a school board member it's very disheartening that we have to have it come down but because of the safety issues, we just can't have anyone on those fields,” Heidi Jo French-Terek, Class of 1989 said.

“It's just amazing to me to see all of these people who have come back to say one last farewell to the Bill Jobco Stadium,” French-Terek said.

For this coming football season, the Bulldogs will play at a neutral stadium and the school board association is working on plans to build a new one.

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