Bridge outage causes firefighters to be delayed in getting to Mt. Pleasant fire


When it comes to fighting fires, every second counts.

What fire crews learned Friday was that, as much as you prepare, sometimes you have to face the unexpected.

Multiple fire departments were dispatched to a fire on Township Road 129 in Mt. Pleasant Township on Friday afternoon.

Getting on scene was harder than expected.

"The structure itself was close to a main intersection. At that intersection, a bridge was out that we were unaware of," said Trevor Sebring, captain Short Creek Joint Fire District.

The fire district has had to make some adjustments when on call. There's now three bridges closed in its coverage area, and they learned of the third closure when it was too late.

"Companies were delayed getting on scene because we had to go around a few miles just to get to the fire itself," Sebring said.

"On the other side of North Mill Street Bridge, we have placed a fire engine and an ambulance. There's now an ambulance placed in Smithfield with crews, staffed by volunteers. For fires on this side of Mill Street Bridge, members report to this firehouse, until we come up with a game plan on what the quickest way to get there."

"We will have a delayed response on emergencies on the other side of these bridges, but we are coming and we will get there.”

Sebring says that he's confident in the fire district's plans to respond to future fires in the area. The cause of Friday's fire has not been determined.

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