DiBartolomeo resigns as Weirton city manager

Joe DiBartolomeo, who was sworn in as Weirton City Manager 6 months ago, is resigning.

Joe DiBartolomeo, who was sworn in as Weirton City Manager 6 months ago, is resigning.

The announcement was made at Monday’s city council meeting.

"Another opportunity came up for some overseas things, and at my age, I haven’t got a whole lot of time left, so I took advantage of it," DiBartolomeo said.

The company is called Arcanum Global.

“We advertise as an integrated solutions provider," he said. "Some of it's law enforcement, some of its military, some of it's intel work.

“I’ll be doing some work in the Middle East, Africa, Southeast Asia, sometimes even South America. We'll see where it goes."

DiBartolomeo said he has enjoyed his time as city manager, serving the community he's lived in for 68 years. But as he goes out, someone else must come in.

That’s why, for the time being, Finance Director Diana Smoljanovich will serve as the acting city manager.

She will stay in that seat until the position is permanently filled.

The next step is to look over applications from the previous search for a city manager.

"We do have some qualified candidates,” Weirton Mayor Bubba Miller said. “We're looking at their resumes. They’re all willing to come in for interviews, we just have to start to get them scheduled.

"The resumes I have received, they are experienced, and a couple of them have degrees in municipal management, maybe 25 years."

The mayor says the goal is to start that process next week, and have a new city manager hired within a few months.

Council will miss DiBartolomeo as well.

"It’s my opinion that he actually showed this council how it’s supposed to work,” Councilman George Ash said. “I’ve been waiting for this for 24 years, and I actually got it."

“He's a true leader,” Councilman Michael Adams said. “And I appreciate his leadership and the transparency that we all need to do this right."

“I loved working for the city,” DiBartolomeo said. “I loved working for council -- people I worked with were awesome. It’s still my city; I’ve lived here my whole life."

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