'Born Learning Academy' returns to help parents teach kids

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Hancock County is preparing its children for a lifetime of learning, and it’s doing that by teaching the parents.

Born Learning Academy is back for a second year, giving parents another chance to learn how to build on the lessons that start in the classroom.

It will guide parents on how to continue those lessons at home.

“What we try to give them when they come to Born Learning sessions are tools that they can use at home that don't cost them money. We try to give them ideas of things they have in their house or things they can use in the community to help their child,” explained teacher Marcie Dunn.

The program is held the first Thursday of every month, starting October 5th, through April.

Parents of preschool aged kids in Hancock County are invited and are encouraged to bring their entire family.

Each week, dinner is provided, followed by a lesson, and some extras.

“I loved it,” raved parent Crystal Brown, who participated last year. “[My kids] loved coming. I brought my older kids with me and we got meals, they would give out books and different games, learning games, that the kids could play, and we also got gift cards.”

Many of the parents who participated last year say born learning academy was a great opportunity for their children to socialize and become familiar with the school setting, and they as parents were able to develop relationships with other families.

“It's just a wonderful, welcoming, relaxed atmosphere,” parent Peggy Cashdollar shared. “Everybody is so nice here, the kids have a great time, and it's also just a parent community where parents are able to share their own experiences and ask questions.”

A grant allowed New Manchester Elementary school to introduce the program last year, and school leaders consider it a success. They hope to reach new families this year, so more children will benefit.

Born Learning Academy will take place at New Manchester Elementary School from 5:30 p.m.-7:30 p.m. on the first Thursday of every month from October 5, 2017 through April 5, 2018.

You can pre-register, though registration is not required, by contacting:

Cindy Yeater / (304) 564-3242

Erica Sauer / (304) 564-3411 ext. 3329

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