Bike Safety Rodeo goes on despite rain

A bike safety rodeo taught kids in Toronto about safe bike practices. (WTOV)

A popular safety event went on despite the rain Saturday.

The Toronto Coalition for Revitalization is a group working to improve the city. The members want to attract residents and businesses. One way they're doing that is by investing in youth.

So, the annual Bike Safety Rodeo went on even though the weather wasn't ideal. Usually dozens of kids show up. There weren't quite as many this year because of the rain. However, the ones who came learned about traffic laws, put their skills to the test on a mock road course and then took a supervised spin around the community.

"I think it was fun how they all set this all up and they had all the food and they had all these people come and help with this event and I'm so glad that this is happening right now," said eight-year-old Russ Dickinson, a participant.

The coalition also gave away bikes and other prizes.

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