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Utica East Ohio donates $149K to help fix Scio water problems

To aid in the improvement of the village's drinking water, Utica East Ohio presented a check to Scio for $149,000. (WTOV)

Scio is one step closer to improving its water quality thanks to a sizable donation.

“This is a very monumentous day to have a local business to be able to make a donation of that amount to help the village of Scio," said Nick Homrighausen, Harrison County executive director of community and economic development.

To aid in the improvement of the village's drinking water, Utica East Ohio presented a check to Scio for $149,000. It’s an act that they hope can make a difference in the community.

“We want to show our support to the community. UEO is part of the community. We feel it is important to contribute where we can. What's more important than water?" said Jeremy Tingler, UEO external affairs manager.

UEO operates the Harrison Hub fractionation facility on the outskirts of town.

The funds make up approximately 20 percent of the money needed to do a water plant upgrade, which costs $754,000. The village will apply for a grant in the spring once they get enough money.

This donation will be added to one previously given by Harrison County. The commissioners signed off on $200,000 toward the grant.

“Anyone who knows Harrison County knows that we have water and sewer issues throughout the county. The commissioners are trying to take as active of role as possible to help fix and improve any of those issues throughout the county,” Homrighausen said.

This brings the total to almost half of what they need. The project will bring new high surface pumps, a new clear well and a new backwash system to improve the water.

And as for the quality of water, Village Administrator Jason Tubaugh says there will be a significant difference in taste and color once the project is complete.

“I'm firmly in belief that you'll see a dramatic increase once the project's completed,” Tubaugh said.

Tubaugh hopes the project will begin in July of 2017. From there, the work on the water treatment plant is expected to last around nine months.

UEO has also donated to these projects since breaking ground on the Harrison Hub in 2012:

-- The construction and re-paving of 2.5 miles of local roads, including the installation of water and sewer lines as part of the Crimm Road improvement project.

-- The construction of North Township’s new 4,400 square-foot municipal building and maintenance facility, along with a 180x40 concrete pad on two sides of the building.

-- The installation of new playground equipment in the Village of Scio.

-- Improved police and emergency management coverage, through the funding of increased county police presence and ambulance service for the community.

-- A commitment to build a new regional emergency helicopter pad.

--Ongoing donations to the Scio Fall Festival, the Scio Development Committee, local fire departments, veterans’ groups and the local library.

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