Barnesville mayor taking steps to prevent future water contamination

Barnesville mayor taking steps to prevent future water contamination

A tanker truck driver lost control over a dangerous bend early Wednesday morning, sending him to the hospital.

Now, what was in that tanker is prompting big changes from village leaders.

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The tanker truck was carrying 5,000 gallons of brine, which ended up getting into a nearby reservoir.

The mayor of Barnesville is already taking action to prevent this from happening again.

"With the oil and gas the way it is today, we're getting a lot more traffic in that area," Mayor Dale Bunting said.

The accident took place on the west side of State Route 800 with the truck ending up on private property.

Village leaders had protection for the stream, but on the east side of the road, as part of a plan they put in action over a year ago.

"We looked at that area, came up with putting in a couple catch ponds so to speak, filled them up with sand to absorb whatever material might get into them," Bunting explained.

Bunting said the road caves to the east and village leaders always thought if there was an accident, they had the lower side covered. After Wednesday morning's accident on the opposite side, he contacted the homeowners.

"[They're] very willing to let us put up a dike or a little catch area on their property on the west side of the road to kind of help that from getting into the stream," Bunting said.

But before this can happen, they need to wait until the EPA cleans up the area and tests the water supply.

The EPA is still looking into how much brine got into the water. They say there is no impact to the village.

There is no word yet on how the driver is doing.

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