Bark at the Park unites dogs with families


Grand Vue Park paired up with the Animal Rescue League in Marshall County, so dogs can potentially meet their future families.

15 dogs were let out to play on Sunday at Grand Vue Park, for a change of scenery.

"It is nice to go off site because a lot of people do not want to go to the shelter because they think it is sad and it is also great for the dogs to get out for the day, get some exposure,” Lauren Cook of the Animal Rescue League said. “It is super important to adopt rather than to buy. You know there are so many homeless ones out there and we have a lot of nice dogs."

Those who came on Sunday, not only had the opportunity to adopt a dog, but also spend the beautiful afternoon in the park and experience everything it has to offer.

"Along with that, we partnered with them and we have given our wrist bands all day passes, we knocked ten dollars off of that so people can come up and play and also adopt a dog,” said Kyle Patrick from Grand Vue Park.

The park generally sees about 300 visitors throughout the weekend so Patrick is hoping even those who do not know about bark at the park, will get the chance to see the dogs. But in just the first half hour of the event, many people had already made it up to the park to meet them.

"We had a lot of people say they were going to come out,” Cook said “So we have had a couple groups come by already in the short time that we have been open so we are hoping they all get homes today."

"Hopefully they all get adopted,” Patrick said. “We are crossing our fingers, but we hope they all find a good home today."

And if you did not have time to make it to the park today, many others may still be up for adoption at the Animal Rescue League in Marshall County.

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