“Arm Yourself with Knowledge” event held in Jefferson County


The U.S. Law Shield Firearms Program hosted the "Arm Yourself with Knowledge" event Sunday afternoon.

There are many people in the Ohio Valley who have their conceal carry permit.

Sunday's event was set to educate those people who legally carry firearms.

Those who attended the educational event sponsored by Smith Outfitters and U.S. Law Shield, got to hear from a law enforcement officer who explained what those with their conceal and carry on them need to do if they get pulled over.

They also heard from a program attorney who went over the criminal and civil aspects of firearms.

“Just because you have a license to carry a firearm, you are not vulnerable,” U.S. Law Shield State Manager said. “Nobody is going to go out and shoot someone. We are trained. That is what we do. We train and that is why smith outfitters is here today putting this on with us as well so that we can take over the things you need to know. Because carrying a firearm can turn things very deadly very fast."

U.S. Law Shield is a national company that conducts these educational programs across the county to ensure everyone with their permit, knows how to use it properly and in the safest way possible.

The officials on Sunday remind all citizens who have their permit, they need to be able to back up what they are doing, and these classes help those with their conceal and carry learn the proper ways to do just that.

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