American Mud Works opening new facility in Monroe County

A handful of new jobs will be coming to Monroe County with a new facility opening in Woodsfield.

A handful of new jobs will be coming to Monroe County with a new facility opening in Woodsfield.

The oil and gas industry continued its growth in Eastern Ohio on Thursday, as American Mud Works opened their new facility in Monroe County.

"Today with this grand opening and this ribbon cutting, it's just another example of that continued investment that Utica Shale development has spurred here in Eastern Ohio," said Ohio Oil and Gas Association PR Director Mike Chadsey.

American Mud Works is ready for business, officially opening the doors to a drilling fluids and manufacturing facility.

This company produces specialized mud, which is used in horizontal drilling.

"We play a part in the drilling process on location in the field. Our fluid keeps the bit lubricated, keeps the gas pressure down in the hole while we're drilling it and creates a lot more stability,” said John Miller, director of drilling fluids and manufacturing.

It's a major opening for the Texas-based company, and also big for the economy in Monroe County.

This will not only create a handful of immediate jobs within the facility, but is expected to bring other companies into the area.

Plus, on top this facility, they'll be opening a second facility in the park which will recycle drilling waste to be repurposed as new product.

"Oh, it's huge. This is going to create 30 to 40 jobs, with more to come,” said Monroe County Commissioner Carl Davis. “This is only the beginning for American Mud Works, they will be adding on and doing different processes. So, it is huge.”

“When you get a company like American Mud Works moving to town, it just continues to spur additional development,” Chadsey said. “These folks are going to need suppliers as well, too. That's what's really exciting. If you can get one company, it's going to spur two of three more.”

The central location was a big reason American Mud Works chose that spot, and officials think this facility is going to pay dividends for the company and the county.

"This is a really big deal for the oil and gas industry, but more importantly, it's a big deal for the folks in Monroe County,” Chadsey said.

The facility is expected to be up and running in four weeks.

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