Alleged armed robbery outside Wheeling Island Casino


Around 11:15 p.m. Friday, police say a man sitting in his car in parking lot D outside the Wheeling Island Casino was held up by two black men.

“He said both men opened the car doors, he said the man on the driver's side pointed a gun at him. Both of them were saying, 'where is the money?' they went through his car, and got away with his wallet, maybe some other things," said Philip Stahl, Public Information Officer for the Wheeling Police Department.

The victim said the two men then took off.

“As far as we know, according to the victim, the two men got into a dark-colored vehicle, possibly a ford fusion or some other sedan vehicle, and took off north on south Huron street," said Stahl.

“One of them, according to the victim, had tattoos on his face, possibly some piercings as well. That was the gentleman that pointed the gun at him," he went on to add.

Police are trying to obtain surveillance video from area businesses, as well as from the casino. No visual evidence has been found, but the victim can be thankful for at least one thing.

“I guess when you look at it in a positive note, the victim was not injured," said Stahl.

Anyone with information that may help police in this case are asked to contact the Wheeling Police dept.

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