Adena bridge progress causes unexpected collaboration


The bridge in Adena that has been separating the community for months has caused an unexpected collaboration.

Reactions to the bridge closing back in November were all the same and surrounded in frustration that the town would essentially be split in half.

The detour to get to where you are going if you need to cross the bridge is nearly a half an hour.

But now after several months into the repairs a realization of some good has come out of the most unlikely of situations.

"These guys are doing the best they can and they’re sorry it is the way it is but it has to be replaced," Adena Police Chief Paul Carpenter said.

The bridge in Adena that was originally closed indefinitely, then said to be opened in May and finally pushed back to October 2018 has caused chaos in town

Adena Police Chief Paul Carpenter is one of the individuals who has faced hardships since the shutdown.

"It’s difficult I can’t wait until its open," Carpenter said.

Construction for a new bridge began, but in the meantime struggles to respond to calls and a 30-minute detour has surprisingly not left the town shorthanded.

"I have local police departments calling me at least 4/5 times a week to make sure I’m alright because I’m secluded for them,” Carpenter said.

Local departments and county departments like Harrison and Jefferson counties have stepped in to bridge the gap so the community does not suffer

"It’s all law enforcement and EMS working together now I mean it’s great," Carpenter said.

Carpenter gives credit where it's due.

"They’re doing their best with the weather and ya know I mean they were in the water so," Carpenter said.

While always concerned with the safety of his citizens first, the repairs are important to Carpenter and he recognizes the efforts being made to reopen the bridge.

New materials and equipment have come in just this week to ensure a speedy return for the bridge that splits the village.

"It’s just a knitting together with all the law and EMC it’s a great thing now that’s happening it’s a family thing,” Carpenter said.

Fortunately, the bridge is expected to reopen in mid-October of this year.

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