Colliers Primary named 2017 National blue ribbon school


Colliers Primary in Brooke County is named a 2017 national blue ribbon school.

"It's based on how you perform on the state assessment over the last few years we've performed consistently higher than both the state and the county," says Principal Jo-Ellen Connolly.

342 schools receive this honor every year out of 130,000 schools across the United States.

United States Secretary of Education Betsy Devos made the announcement on Thursday and teachers were anxiously awaiting the news.

"They run the schools alphabetically and then you hurry up and see West Virginia Colliers Primary and it's just wow, it's awesome," says Connolly.

"We watched on the computer when they announced it and of course the whole school [bursted] out in yells and screams because we were so proud and even though the students didn't understand it they knew we were proud of them and that's the important thing. From the bus drivers, the custodians to the cooks to the secretaries to the nurses to the students to the teachers to the parents and to the community as well. They all support us and that's why we do so well," says first grade teacher Penny Foose.

Students K through 4th grade were given the good news Friday morning.

They watched as their name and picture were displayed on the big screen.

Blue ribbon schools started in 1982.

Only 8,000 schools have received this honor.

Today is a day that Principal Connolly hopes the students, teachers, and faculty will remember for the rest of their lives.

"It's almost a once and a lifetime chance so they can look back on this and say wow they did that and that's what we want," says Connolly.

"It's not just one person it's all of us together and we are a team and a family and we will remain that way and we are so proud of our kids and our community and our parents," says Foose.

Colliers Primary will be recognized in Washington D.C. on November 7th.

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