Some Steubenville homes have been without water for a week


Some residents in Steubenville have been without water for a week.

Crews took to the streets Monday, trying and find the source of a leak and get the water back on near the corner of S. Bend Street and Reserve Avenue. Residents on the odd numbered homes of South Bend have been without water since last Monday.

Ray Bentley with the Steubenville water department thinks the leak that started by movement in the ground. He says that makes it harder to find, but they're not leaving until they do. Crews began digging around 11 a.m. in a spot they pinpointed as the potential source.

About 10 houses have been dealing with no water, the majority of which are home to elderly or families. None of them are very pleased about the situation, especially with having to entertain guests and family over Christmas -- all with non-working toilets or showers.

One woman said she was able to fill buckets slowly from the basement or lower level of their house in the beginning and that was getting them by. Now any water flow is basically non-existent.

Another family said they've been relying on the few homes across the street up the hill that still have water.

"We've had to track dishes to the neighbor's house and take showers there, and it's really been difficult as far as having little kids and them bathe and us bathe," resident David Ross said. "It's been really hard even through Christmas."

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