Arrest made in Fort Steuben Mall bomb threat

An arrest has been made following another bomb threat at the Fort Steuben Mall.

The threat was called in to the mall around 10:30 on Friday morning, and within 3 hours, police had their man.

Arrested was 23-year-old Edward Burch II, a young man who is well-known within the ranks of the police department.

"He's been arrested by our department before. He's familiar to us,” Steubenville Police Chief Bill McCafferty said. “Officers saw him at the mall. He's made false reports in the past. So we were pretty sure once we checked the area and determined this was a false threat."

The phone call started a busy morning.

"One of our detectives was able to gather information, and we were able to make one arrest for making a false threat so far, and we're still investigating to see if there is any more to it," McCafferty said.

Helping police this time around was city firefighters and the sheriff's office, which ultimately made the arrest.

"If we catch you, you're gonna be subject to severe penalty," McCafferty said.

The investigation is ongoing. It’s unclear it’s connected to the threat that was called into the Sam Goodie on Jan. 11.

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