It’s one last time for the Wellsburg-Follansbee basketball rivalry

Fans will get a look at a decades-old rivalry as Wellsburg and Follansbee square off on the hardwood one last time before consolidation.

History is about to come to a close in Brooke County.

Thursday night is the final rivalry middle school basketball games between Follansbee Middle and Wellsburg Middle.

Next year, they’ll play together at the new Brooke County Middle School on the high school campus.

"A lot of our friends are coming to support us,” WMS 7th grader Madison Long said.

"I think a lot of the alumni are coming to watch all the games all together to see one last time," WMS 8th grader Savannah Turner-Davis said.

They’ll shake hands after this one, and then, potentially, be giving each other high-fives the next time they see each other on the court.

"It's like a really weird feeling because you're going to be teammates with these people that well you kinda know but you don't really know," Long said.

"It's still gonna be fun because it's just basketball, and I love it," WMS 7th grader Angelina Lippioli said.

Big crowds are expected. The seventh grade teams will play at 5:30 and the 8th grade game will follow shortly after. The girls’ games will be played in Wellsburg, while the boys’ games will be played in Follansbee. Faculty of both schools is encouraging alumni to come and wear their favorite team’s colors.

No matter what happens on the court, next year the orange and black and blue and white will be no longer. Instead, they’ll be representing green and gold.

"I feel honored to play in the last game to play for everyone since Follansbee and Wellsburg has been such a big rivalry,” Turner-Davis said. “I think it's nice that they're finally coming together to play sports together and everything."

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