Shining Stars: Caryle Buck, John Wise

Shining Stars: Caryle Buck, John Wise

There are food banks and pantries in communities across the Ohio Valley, and as the need grows, so does their desire to help.

Caryle Buck doesn't dispute that the Fish Food Pantry in East Liverpool is essentially his second home.

“I've been here long enough to know it's a full-time job almost,” he said.

Fish is his life from Monday through Saturday.

Caryle's hard work doesn't come with a cost. He simply saw a need, and jumped at the opportunity to volunteer.

“We have people that lived in the steel mills and the potteries and they closed down and those people had a lot of misfortunes,” he said. “I've always felt that a need for those people to be helped. And this was the place to do it.”

Last month alone, the pantry fed more than 1,200 people -- a need so great, Caryle can't do it alone.

There are nearly 50 volunteers, none, perhaps more dedicated than 88-year-old John Wise.

“He's been here twice as long as I have, and he is a grocery man,” Caryle said. “He grew up working with A&P, if you remember.”

John is a man a few words. He's shy but mighty. He retired in 1996 and he's been at the Food Pantry since.

“It was natural for me, and I didn't have anything to do, so I just come down here and worked,” John said.

“I have good volunteers; every day I have a different person, and we get along good.”

“He scrutinizes all the food, he checks to make sure everything’s recycled, he has to go out in the front line, and he does the paper work we need done,” Caryle said.

The men are so devoted, they don’t let anything get in the way of helping.

“Right after he did have a heart attack, he was right back here working,” volunteer Chris Bell said. “Nothing can keep him away. He's so dedicated, and I've seen him be so kind to people when they are in need.”

“That's my nature,” Caryle Buck said. “I just don't, feel people should feel sorry for yourself.”

This week's Shining Stars are humble helpers seeing to it no one goes hungry.

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