Shining Star: Monsignor John Kolesar is a Mr. Fix It, driven by faith

For more than two decades, Kolesar taught courses like religion, auto shop, and woodworking at Catholic Central.

When Monsignor John Kolesar was first assigned to St. Casimir Church in Adena in the mid-1980s, he quickly realized people had trouble finding the small village.

He found a way to change that -- and a number of other things to better his community.

This week’s Shining Star is a Mr. Fix it, driven by faith.

He can be seen plowing the parking lot so people can get to the pews. And once the lot is clear …

“I go on up the road and clean around people's mailboxes and get their driveways and stuff like that, and I enjoy doing that,” Kolesar said.

He goes above and beyond, even doing house calls for communion.

“One of our dear ladies was complaining her furnace wasn't working right, and she had someone look at it and it still wasn't working, so I went down and checked it, and here the flu pipe was plugged in with soot. So I came home, got my work clothes on, went back up got that cleaned up and got her in operation again,” Kolesar said.

“When you see things that need to be done, and you know how to do (it), my motivation is go do it, because too many other people will look and say, ‘oh someone else will take care of it,’ so I guess I'm somebody else.”

For more than two decades, Kolesar taught courses like religion, auto shop, and woodworking at Catholic Central.

And he puts those skills to work.

In fact, signs directing people to Adena are the work of Kolesar and the local Lions Club.

“I took some 2x12s and 4 feet long, I took my router and routed in 6 inches high the letters Adena, then an arrow, then how many miles, and we made 17 signs,” Kolesar said. “The Lions Club guys did the painting and put them up.”

Another of his passion projects is helping the Hounds Haven Animal Shelter in Dillonville.

The church is currently collecting newspapers, and he's built a number of dog shelters.

“I'm sort of a person who recognizes things that need to be done,” he said.

He’s driven to do good for others by his faith and his family.

“I was raised in the family where there was great love,” Kolesar said. “My dad worked in the coal mine for 43 years. We didn't have a car until I was in college, and we walked 3 miles to church, back and forth, and we just did it.

“I think that whole concept of doing things out of love for others. I mean God has loved us in so many different ways, and we can show love by reaching out to others.”

Kolesar's list of contributions to the community is long. If you have a memory, be sure to share with this story on our WTOV9 Facebook page.

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