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Jamboree in the Hills 2018 comes to a close


The final day of Jamboree in the Hills wrapped up on Sunday. News9’s Brittany Grego talked with each of the acts performing during Jamboree weekend. Here are portions of some of the interviews.

Gretchen Wilson

Question: Whenever you wrote “Redneck Woman” did you ever think it would have as much success as it still does now?

Answer: “Yeah, it’s kind of an anthem song for a lot of us girls. I knew it was going to be popular with my girlfriends, my family and the women I grew up around, but I think we were all a little scared because it was so different at that time, I’ve always kind of done my thing, I’ve never been a follower so I’m just glad there’s a lot of redneck women out there like me.”

Brantley Gilbert

Question: You and I have the same initials, BG. Does that mean you and I are like best friends here?

Answer: Sure, that’ll work. That’ll work, yeah.

Question: What new projects are you working on?

Answer: “We’ve been in the studio, actually the past six days we were in before we came here so we are working on a new record right now hopefully sooner than later.”

John Conlee

Question: How have you evolved over the years with the change of country music?

Answer: I still do it the same way I always did when we get ready to record, I look for the best dozen, 14-15 songs I can lay my hands on. They have to tell the story, have a message, have a discernible melody.”

Kentucky Headhunters

Question: So, tell me, you guys have some family ties to Black Stone Cherry. They played yesterday and were great.

Answer: My son is the drummer, Fred taught him how to play drums. Finally, we got them going, they took off, blew up in Europe and they said OK, now it’s time for you all to start making records again.”

Joe Diffie

Question: I know you have a new single out, “I Got This,” how do you keep the creative juices flowing?

Answer: You know it’s always fun to do that to be creative and try to do new stuff, so we’ve been doing that song the last couple of months, the audience seems to like it, I have fun doing it so hopefully everybody will like it.”

Diamond Rio

“We still do Diamond Rio. We changed the music and we changed genres of what we are doing. We’ve done some bluegrass stuff we will do it in the show, we’ve done a gospel CD had a great time with that, Christmas music, we have a Christmas show which is really what we are working on right now.”

Neal McCoy

“We’re glad to be back and hopefully these people I know they are going to get tired of Neil McCoy before too long I just hope it’s not before I kick the bucket.

Question: So, tell me about your new song “Take a Knee” that has gained a lot of publicity?

Answer: It’s just a song about people protesting during our national anthem and I understand I forwarded by saying people have their rights to do whatever they want to do and that’s why we live in the greatest country on earth, it’s a song that basically says just don’t protest here. You got your rights in places but just don’t do it during our National Anthem.”

Question: Did I hear you have a new collection of wines out?

Answer: Yeah, I do Neal McCoy Wine. We launched a new wine line, we got a Chardonnay, a Cab Sav, a blush wine called Wink which is one of our big songs which is a fun, sweet kind of thing.”

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