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Distracted Driving By The Numbers – West Virginia

Distracted driving is a problem in every state and nationwide, it’s involved in over 37% of vehicle crashes. Here’s how it affects people in West Virginia according to the FY15 West Virginia Governor’s Highway Safety Program Annual Report, National Highway Safety Administration data and a study published in the Marshall Journal of Medicine.

• Between 2014 and 2015, the number of distracted driving citations increased 40%, from 5,367 cell phone and texting citations in 2014 to 7,537 citations in 2015

• The 2015 citations included 6,924 cell phone citations and 1,426 warnings, and 613 texting citations and 108 warnings

• In the 2014 Biannual Driver Attitudes and Awareness Survey, only 2.1% of respondents reported having received a ticket for texting while driving

• Of the fatal crashes in 2010 in which distraction was recorded, 23% of distractions involved cell phones and another 23% involved eating, drinking or smoking

• In a 2016 study, 57% of rural West Virginia teens admitted to texting and driving even though 73% of them agreed that texting and driving was very dangerous

Distracted driving isn’t as taboo as driving under the influence, but it’s a very dangerous behavior with very real consequences for drivers, their passengers and those with whom they share the road. Say no to distracted driving to help keep our community safe. This message is proudly sponsored by WMC Tri-State Medical Network.

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