2016 Ohio Valley Home and Garden Digital Guide is here

The 2016 Home and Garden Digital Guide is here.

You may have heard about it, but have you checked it out?

If not, you're in luck.

The 2016 Home and Garden Digital Guide is here.

"If you have any home improvement projects that you were thinking about working on and you need some resources or just some ideas or some inspiration, this has all kinds of stuff in there for you and it's perfect for that," said Jessica Conrad, WTOV digital sales manager.

If you are looking to spruce up your home, there's a page for that.

Perhaps you're looking to buy a home. Well, there's a page for that too.

Even if you're a renter, this digital magazine has you covered.

"We just sat down and thought, you know, now that it's spring, what are the things that people are going to want to focus on, and what they're going to be interested in?" Conrad said.

And best of all. These ideas won't break the bank.

The guide's 2016 color forecast page will have you seeing red, cappuccino white, and a lovely shade of alabaster.

"In that section, if you actually click on any of those colors it'll take you to that paint company's website and learn more about the color and obviously find where you can buy it locally," Conrad said.

As the saying goes, News9 is everywhere. And so is this high tech handbook.

"You can get to it by going to our Facebook page, it's on there," Conrad said.

Or you can click here.

So, when you need a little home improvement inspiration, all you have to do is search, click, and create, courtesy of wtov9.

The guide will be online throughout the summer. And coming soon to a computer near you, the 2016 Summer of Fun Guide.

We'll keep you posted on a launch date for that digital magazine.

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