Subscription-based car wash coming to Moundsville
Wash-Rite Express is coming to Moundsville.

The streets of Moundsville will have some squeaky-clean cars in the near future as a new development is on the horizon.

Wash-Rite Express is coming to the city, and it’s not just any old car wash -- it does the dirty work for you with a new concept.

It is a subscription-based service wash with plans starting at $15 per month.

Pricing guides (Wash-Rite website).

"The big function with this is that it offers an unlimited plan,” Moundsville City Manager Rick Healy said. “For different dollar amounts, you can get as many washes as you want in a month."

It will also serve single washes for those who don't want to commit.

Purchases include access to a long line of vacuums, mat cleaners and dryers, window cleaners and car fresheners once your car has gone through.

"Your license plate is scanned when you pull in, and it recognizes your cars and it recognizes you have that plan," Healy said.

Wash-Rite has been successful in other parts of West Virginia and Ohio, so owners wanted to give Moundsville a run. It's a nearly $4 million investment.

All of these locations either have Wash-Rites, or are planning to soon. (Wash-Rite website).

"I think it is going to be great. Not only do we have construction costs and the taxes and things like that, but a car wash is also obviously a big water user a big sanitary user, so that's big. It will bring people into Moundsville from other areas, and that's what we try to do with everything we do," Healy said.

Construction is expected to be finished in the next 2 to 3 months with a spring opening planned.

The company has five locations with seven more planned, including this one and ones in Weirton and Calcutta, Ohio.

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