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      86 / 60
      84 / 65

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      Memorial Day will be drier, warm and less humid with a mix of clouds early and sun, a chance of a stray shower late afternoon. Tuesday and Wednesday will be mostly sunny and warm, highs will continue above average in the 80s. The next chance of scattered showers and storms returns ahead of the next front Thursday evening into early Friday morning. Temperatures will be warm ahead of the front Thursday as highs reach the mid 80s. Temperatures return to average on Friday, expect highs to reach the upper 70s. The mild trend continues for the weekend with a mix of clouds and sun and a chance of showers returns late Sunday night.

      Memorial Day: Clouds & sun, a bit less humid, chance of a stray shower late afternoon, high 82.

      Tuesday: Mostly sunny, low 60, high 84.

      Wednesday: Mostly sunny, warm, low 60, high 86.

      Thursday: Sun early with increasing clouds late, breezy, humid, showers and storms developing later in the evening, low 65, high 84.

      Friday: Early morning clouds, sun later, low 63, high 78.

      Saturday: Sun mixed with clouds, low 59, high 76.

      Sunday: Sun and clouds, chance of showers late, low 57 high 78.

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