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      Off and on rain with drizzle and fog will continue tonight and Wednesday, but as colder air moves in tomorrow night the rain will mix with a little snow, with the potential for some slushy accumulations (under an inch) on grassy surfaces. Any lingering flurries or sprinkles should end Thursday morning, with quiet weather taking over and lasting through the weekend.

      Tonight: Cloudy, periods of rain, drizzle, fog, low 44.

      Wednesday: Mostly cloudy, a few rain showers, high 49.

      Wednesday night: Mostly cloudy, blustery, rain showers to snow showers, small slushy snow accumulations (under 1") possible on grassy surfaces, low 33.

      Thursday: Clouds and sun, blustery, isolated morning flurries and sprinkles, high 43.

      Friday: Mostly sunny, low 30, high 46.

      Saturday: Mostly sunny, low 28, high 50.

      Sunday: Sun and clouds, low 28, high 52.

      Monday: Becoming mostly cloudy, rain showers late and at night especially south and east, low 32, high 50,

      Tuesday: Mostly cloudy, rain showers especially east, low 38, high 45.

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