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      The next 7-10 day stretch may be the roughest in terms of what this Winter has to offer. Rain transitions to wet snow this afternoon with some grassy surfaces getting a coating, but roads should stay primarily wet. Several rounds of snow will whiten the ground through mid-week. The air will continue to get colder as we go through midweek. Snow showers will continue through Thursday morning. We should catch a break from the snow Thursday afternoon through Friday morning. Then there is another shot at accumulating snow Friday afternoon through Friday night. The coldest air of winter will arrive for Valentine's Day weekend. Temperatures hover in the single digits to lower teens Saturday with wind chill values below zero. Air temperatures can drop below zero Saturday night & Sunday morning with well below zero wind chills.

      Today: Rain and wet snow, snow accumulation of an inch or less possible mainly on grassy surfaces, high 42 at noon, temperatures fall into the low to mid 30's.

      Tonight: Cloudy, scattered rain and snow showers this evening, snow showers overnight, accumulating less than 1", low 29.

      Tuesday: Snow showers, up to an inch of accumulation, high 35.

      Tuesday Night & Wednesday: Snow showers, an additional 1-3" of snow accumulation, blustery, low 22, high 27.

      Thursday: Morning snow showers, becoming partly sunny, cold, low 12, high 20.

      Friday: Snow develops during the afternoon, low 9, high 25.

      Saturday: Morning snow showers, frigid, low 6, high 14.

      Sunday: Partly sunny, frigid, low -5, high 14. Morning wind chill values of -15 to -20.

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