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      High pressure should keep us mainly dry and seasonally mild through Thursday, although a weak front drifting through our area can bring an isolated sprinkle Wednesday. A stronger cold front brings a much better chance for some heavier showers and even a stray rumble of thunder late Thursday night and Friday (though hopefully the bulk of the rain is gone before the footballs fly Friday evening), with cooler temperatures for the weekend.

      Tonight: Partly cloudy, patchy fog late, low 49.

      Tuesday: Patchy fog early, clouds and sun, high 73.

      Wednesday: Clouds and sun, a bit breezy, isolated sprinkles, low 54, high 71.

      Thursday: Sun with increasing clouds late, showers later at night, low 50, high 72.

      Friday: Mostly cloudy, breezy, showers, isolated thunder, low 57, high 65.

      Saturday: Clouds and sun, breezy, isolated shower, low 51, high 62.

      Sunday: Sun and clouds, breezy, low 45, high 65.

      Monday: Sun and clouds, breezy, low 49, high 72.

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