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      Sunday should be mainly dry (some light rain and drizzle could linger in our far southern counties) and cool, with the dry weather continuing Monday until more rain moves in from the south towards evening. After a rainy and mild Tuesday we should dry out and cool down again.

      Tonight: Cloudy, showers likely, low 38.

      Sunday: Clouds with some late sun especially north of Interstate 70, a little light rain or drizzle possible south of Interstate 70, high 48.

      Sunday Night: Partly cloudy, breezy, low 32.

      Monday: Some early sun, becoming mostly cloudy, rain showers developing towards evening south of Interstate 70 and spreading north at night, high 50.

      Tuesday: Cloudy, breezy, periods of rain, low 44, high 56.

      Wednesday: Clouds with some sun, a few showers, low 40 high 47.

      Thursday: Clouds and sun, low 35, high 43.

      Friday: Sun and clouds, low 32, high 46.

      Saturday: Mostly Sunny, low 34, high 46.

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