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      It stays dry and warm for late November through Friday. An approaching cold front increases rain chances later Friday night. This front will usher in cooler air for the weekend. The front will also become stalled over the regions keeping abundant clouds in the forecast this weekend through early next week along with periodic rain chances. The best shot at a steadier rain is Tuesday.

      Friday: Partly sunny, breezy, and mild, high 63. South winds at 10 mph with gusts to 20 mph.

      Friday night: Cloudy, showers developing, low 45.

      Saturday: Cloudy, showers mainly in the morning, cooler, high 49.

      Sunday: Cloudy, a few showers, low 36, high 47.

      Monday: Cloudy, showers, low 40, high 48.

      Tuesday: Cloudy, rain likely, breezy, low 43, high 52.

      Wednesday: Cloudy and cooler, low 36, high 45.

      Thursday: Mostly cloudy, low 32, high 42.

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