Wheeling Police Department finds challenges in shots fired investigation

WHEELING, W.Va. -- Police officers are encountering a challenge as they investigate shots fired in Wheeling.
Though there were plenty of witnesses, investigators are left without much to go on. That's because people aren't really saying much about what happened or who's responsible.
"There were a number of people fleeing the area," Wheeling Police Department Deputy Chief Martin Kimball said. "There were some others that we found in the area that the officers talked to and interviewed, however, nobody gave us any useful information; nobody really wanted to cooperate."
When the police responded to a report of shots fired around 2:30 a.m. Thursday, they encountered a chaotic scene and a story that was far from clear. A large group was gathered outside of the Third Alarm Bar on New Jersey Street on Wheeling Island. Kimball has a rough idea of what happened, but said witness accounts were inconsistent.
"We heard there was some kind of argument inside the bar, moved outside and somehow it erupted into gunshots," Kimball said.
No one was hurt, but damage was done. A bullet traveled through the gas tank of a parked car and out the side. That left the car leaking gasoline, and it had to be towed away.
One spent 9 mm round was found on the ground, but that hasn't done much for the investigation.
"Lack of valuable information," Kimball said. "(There is) no direct evidence to tie it any particular suspect at this time."
Though there are things about the incident that remain unknown, one thing is certain.
"When people just pull out a gun and start shooting randomly, it puts a lot of people at risk, and that's the type of behavior we just can't tolerate," Kimball said.
The Wheeling Police Department would like to hear from anyone who witnessed the incident, but chose not to talk to officers at the scene.