Wheeling native Corbett stars in feature film

Wheeling native John Corbett is staring in his first feature film, ‘All Saints.’

Wheeling native John Corbett is staring in his first feature film, ‘All Saints.’

And his lifelong friends nearly missed it.

Corbett is a recognized actor who has played roles in many films and TV shows over the years. And his hometown friends never missed a moment to admire.

"We wanna see it,” Bob Contraguerro Sr. said. “We’d do the same thing when his other commercials would come on, we’d be like, ‘be quiet Johnny’s on.’"

"It’s like, ‘wow,’ I can’t believe he’s portraying that person when he’s really this person, he’s good at what he does," friend Greg George said.

On Friday, the movie played at The Highlands, but that’s only after a few calls were made. The movie nearly missed Corbett’s hometown market.

"He actually called me and asked what we were doing,” friend Greg George said. “And I said, ‘ya know we got a bunch of friends, Bobby and I, we’re all going to watch your movie, and he said, ‘I hate to tell you this, it’s not coming there’ and I said ‘what?’’’

So Corbett made a call to Sony, which played an instrumental role in making sure the film popped up in Wheeling.

"We originally weren’t getting it, and he made his phone calls and we made ours, and the response seems to be picking up quite a bit,” said Michael Anderson, general manager, Marquee Cinemas. “It is actually about 75 percent of our business today. We’ve actually looked at ticket sales this morning and moved it into our biggest theater."

"Hometown boy, they better have it here," George said.

Thanks to the effort of Corbett and his friends here in Wheeling, the Marquee Cinema at The Highlands will be showing All Saints.

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