Wheeling Middle School enjoying ‘The Great Mail Race’


Students at Wheeling Middle School are getting acquainted with students across the country via ‘The Great Mail Race.’

Special needs students in grades 6-8 were invited by Virginia Middle School in Virginia, Minn., to join the project.

Each student researched middle schools throughout the U.S., writing a friendly letter with facts about Wheeling and West Virginia.

"We have been so excited to receive the letters,” teacher Jennifer Craig said. “It's been a learning experience. Not only did we incorporate geography and language art and letter writing, but we are also comparing the different schools in different states.”

"It was exciting because I like to learn about new states and about new schools,” 7th grader Jeremy Wright said.

So far, they have received letters and state fact sheets from three of the schools, and they say they're looking forward to more.

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