Wheeling City Council expected to vote on raising parking ticket fees


Drivers in Wheeling could see some changes soon if they abuse the parking situation in the downtown and Centre Market areas.

On Tuesday, city council is expected to vote on raising the parking ticket fees, meaning if you get a ticket, it could be more, and if you get a second ticket, you’d have to pay an even bigger fine.

“It’s cheaper to pay the fines on your ticketed car than to park in the parking garage,” said Joe Campeti, from Campeti's General Shoe Hospital.

"It's been something people are constantly asking about to open up the streets so we can get more people to come in and frankly spend money to go to restaurants or retail shops,” said Matt Welsch from the Vagabond Kitchen.

Council is planning to raise the fees on an expired meter from $3 to $10.

Wheeling Vice Mayor Chad Thalman says he believes city council will have a first reading concerning the parking hike at Tuesday night's meeting.

Thalman says this is just the first step to helping the parking issue.

"At some point in time, the city could start chalking tires so people can't just feed the meter all day long and they can't just park at the same meter for 10 straight hours,” Thalman said.

The change would require a first and second reading. And Thalman says they will allow a short grace period for people to ensure parking and get used to the change.

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